Mythos By Howard Lovecraft

Mythos By Howard Lovecraft

Myths usually explain about how there is a divinely-ordained hierarchy which causes madness and death if anyone does not obey it. Lovecraft published a series of books that explains more about ancient gods like Cthulhu and Azathoth. H.P. Lovecraft’s Mythos is not based on a myth, but it is inspired by myths concerning powerful gods. The author is an atheist who is thought to be a messenger of ancient gods called the Old Ones who send Lovecraft visions unconsciously.

Lovecraft has published books like The Necronomicon which is also called a Lovecraft Bible and contains details concerning gods that were banished from Earth. Some say that anyone who discovers the truth about these gods in Mythos might go mad, die or be in a permanent state of fear and horror. H.P. Lovecraft explains myths concerning supernatural and paranormal elements in books like The Necronomicon. Cthulhu is a fictional entity created by Howard Philips Lovecraft which is a symbol of a loose and contradictory fictional universe.

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According to Lovecraft’s Mythos, Cthulhu is an alien entity with abilities that human beings cannot understand. The cosmic god symbolizes everything to do with chaos and is said to have dreams that lead the way to madness. Mythos by Lovecraft represents Cthulhu as a superior being who is evil and vows to cause death or destruction wherever he goes. This cosmic god has managed to get loyal followers who try to sway more people to follow him. These loyal followers do not find him evil and call themselves the Official Cult of Cthulhu.

People who do not find this god evil might have been influenced by Cthulhu’s cult. Lovecraft wrote a book on Mythos that told a story of a man who took a good look at this cosmic god, later the same man died a strange tragic death. Howard Philips narrates how the god fell from the stars and is now asleep at a place in R’lyeh. However, H.P. Lovecraft’s Mythos are not based on any myth, his stories are inspired by myths. It is explained that entities or monsters from Mythos still exist in the real world, meaning that people can access their unconscious power.

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Mythos expounds more about the great old ones who are in constant battle with the great elder ones who are powerful deities. The Lovecraft reality revolves around cosmic horror that makes human beings seem insignificant or inferior. It explains of gods who are in deep slumber but will wake to rule the earth once again. Recent books on Mythos describe the ancient gods as horrific because anyone who sees the gods would go mad or kill themselves after seeing the horrors of the universe. Lovecraft explains it is difficult for the human mind to comprehend such horrors, meaning that it is pointless to fight these Eldritch abominations.

Howard Philips wrote realistic stories on deities who were superior to humans. Other atheists believed that Lovecraft was chosen by Elder gods to inform people about their existence. Some of these deities like Nyarlathotep vow to cause chaos or death among the human civilization. Books by Howard Phillips Lovecraft describe gods as Stars-pawns who are the greatest species in the universe. The gender of these gods is not known, but they are explained to be influential or even misleading. The gods are believed to have existed before human beings existed or before life began.

Mythos By Howard Lovecraft

Such extra-terrestrial beings are expected to be evil or extremely dangerous to the wellbeing of mankind. Lovecraft’s Mythos explains that horror, fear or even terror will be unleashed when powerful entities like Azathoth awaken. Elders gods are strong beings who created civilizations like the reptile civilizations or even the amphibian civilizations. H.P. Lovecraft described in detail how the Outer gods were in constant battle with Elder gods and the Old ones. The Great Old Ones or the ancient being Nyarlathotep are described as alien monsters who have lived in the universe for long.

Philip Lovecraft illustrates ten scary monsters in his Mythos which are sea-creature gods. When it comes to Elder Things, they were the first alien life forms to come to earth. These gods built underwater cities using genetically modified slaves called the Shoggoths. Mythos illustrated such alien entities to have powerful abilities that could create new species by genetically modifying them. Lovecraft had a powerful imagination, but certain individuals believe that the mythos author is mad. Mythos is inspired by myths which could contain ancient secrets that are hidden from mankind.